Make the Best Choice for Your Guitar Strings

Guitar Strings

Choose your guitar strings. It is important for an entire program. The choice is so vast that one can quickly be lost. When you have to change your guitar strings and want to buy new ones, this is usually what happens:

The ideal case: Know your previous strings or know exactly what you want and you buy it.

Other cases:

  • You do not know anything about it and you are advised by a seller
  • You do not know anything and you take the first strings that seem good
  • To not be completely destitute in the last two cases, here is a quick guide to choose your guitar strings whether for an electric guitar, folk or classical.

General information on guitar strings

A guitar string can be made of different materials and there are many compositions. However, the guitar strings are all made of the same elements.

The soul of the guitar string

The soul of the guitar string constitutes the heart of the rope. This is the main thread of the rope. It can be either hexagonal geometry (as in the diagram below) or circular (classical wire). It can be made of different materials such as steel, nylon or nickel. Visit for the most important details.

The sheath of the guitar string

Finally, know that more and more ropes are sheathed. This means that the manufacturer has applied a thin layer of synthetic material either on the rope (eg Elixir strings) or on spinning (other brands) to protect the rope and improve its life and playability.

For more details on why and how to play guitar strings, you can read the Wikipedia article on the guitar string.

Choose the playability of your guitar strings

The playability of your guitar strings depends a lot on pulling the strings. The tie is directly related to the ease of play of the rope.

What is pulling a guitar string?

The tie is the diameter of the guitar string. What must be remembered is that:

the larger the diameter, the tighter the rope is, the more it sounds and the harder it is to play

the smaller the diameter, the less tight the rope is, the less it sounds and the easier it is to play

If you remember that, you will understand the essential.

Which strings of guitar strings for which game?

Below, we gave you a table summarizing the tie of guitar strings. Depending on the game you are looking for, the type of guitar you are playing on (electric, folk, or classical) and your level, you will be able to determine which draw is best for you.

Choose the sound quality and longevity of your guitar string

The sound of the string and its longevity are directly related to the manufacturing materials of your guitar strings.